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2020 International Book Fair Bookexpo America

2020 International Book Fair (NEW YORK) Bookexpo

America 202027-29 May 2020

Exhibition Venue: Javits Exhibition Center, New York Exhibition

Cycle: Once a year organizer: Exhibition Range Art, architecture and design publications; Digital Publishing Areas and publications; academic, religious, tourism and map publications; Children's Publications; print; animation, audio and video publications; Retail and Stock Books; General Books; University Press and publications. Introduction the book fair of the United States (BEA) is an important publishing trade fair in North America. As always, BEA will continue to improve every year to keep abreast of industry developments and respond to customer feedback to ensure that you are benefiting from the fair. Since 1900, the American Book Fair has been held by the Association of American booksellers for more than a century. It is an important annual book fair in the United States, at the same time, it is one of the most important copyright and book trade events in the world. The U.S. Book Fair offers attendees an opportunity to get an overview of the U.S. book publishing market, the Global Book Industry, and International Publishers. Here, you can learn about industry trends, ideas, and books that will have a profound impact on the book publishing industry over the next few years and directly affect Your Business. Looking back at the US Book Fair, Digital Publishing has surged ahead, bringing unprecedented opportunities to the publishing industry. It can be clearly seen from this that, against the background of the World Book Industry's increasing advocacy of green reading and environmentally-friendly reading, digital publishing has been crowned as the "king without a crown" , dRM technology is promoting the healthy development of digital publishing. During the US Book Fair, digital publishing companies from all over the world launched new products, technologies and services, and shared their new marketing model with the industry. All this, no doubt, has given digital publishing a new lease of life.